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If it’s hard for you to understand, just imagine, 1 pieceJapanese Fuji Applesell you 1Milk Guava The price, which kind of Virtual Host has such characteristics ?

An engineer friend of Cheng Xiaozhi, is a Linux system engineer and is responsible for the development and maintenance of multiple websites. His host service provider often fails, and the website is always down, which makes his customers very dissatisfied , so he started looking for A stable, reliable (CP value) and high hosting service provider. After searching for a long time on the Internet and comparing many service providers, he found CLOUDWAYS virtual hosting service provider, and was immediately attracted by their functions and services. He asked the hottest CHATGPT To give an opinion, it said that Microsoft (Microsoft) is also using CLOUDWAYS virtual host (reference).

He quickly set up an account and started using their service. Their interface is very simple and easy to use, allowing him to quickly create and set up his website. More importantly, they provide very stable and reliable hosting services. The sites he manages haven’t had any downtime since.

In addition, CLOUDWAYS’ virtual hosting service has many amazing features, such as high-speed page loading, and flexible scalability, which can easily cope with growing traffic. They also provide many convenient management tools , allowing him to easily monitor the performance and status of the sites he manages.

In general, CLOUDWAYS virtual hosting is a very good hosting service provider, they provide a very stable and reliable hosting service, allowing him to run the website he manages with complete confidence.

Compared with the hosting service providers on the market, what are the characteristics of CLOUDWAYS Virtual Hosting ?

CLOUDWAYS Web Hosting has been trusted by over 80,000 Agencies, Developers and Businesses that demand high performance websites for simple and reliable cloud hosting, saving time and money !

1. High performance: CLOUDWAYS virtual host uses virtual private server (VPS) technology, which can provide higher performance, allowing you to spend time on [ thinking about perfect content instead of difficult host maintenance ] ( this is important for you or your business Both are important, time is money ), you can first refer to the free running trial of CLOUDWAYS virtual hosting [ 3-day link , no credit card required, completely free ], there is a complete analysis of relevant figures or content on the official website to see clearly and compare various companies such as The advantages and disadvantages of various hosting service providers such as Kinsta and Bluehost, and then consider or decide whether to host your website,The author and some of my engineer friends, in order to save money, went to buy their own personal website WordPress hosts such as IBM, ASUS hosts, but also paid for frequent maintenance of the host, such as backup , restore , refill , HTTPS settings (such as Website and URL of this article https://www.techx.idv.tw/index.php/2023/05/12/virtual-host/), spam intrusion and other issues took a lot of time, and sometimes have to wait untilfamily rest, we can do backup and restore work (hard work ), which is not a job the general public should be doing, if you or your company do not have so much time, I still suggest that you should choose a suitable hosting service provider to save time and effort, hand over the technology to CLOUDWAYS virtual hosting, and time and stamina used to give myself and my dear family, but should consider the better CP value (price function ratio),Money should be spent on beautiful affairs, technology always comes from human nature.

A Virtual Private Server (English: Virtual Private Server, abbreviated as VPS) is a server segmentation The service of multiple virtual private servers, the technology to realize VPS is divided into container technology and virtual machine technology, in the container or virtual machine, each VPS can be allocated independent public net IPaddress ,stand-alone operating system, to achieve disk space between different VPS,Memory,CPU resources, process and system configuration isolation, analogy for users and applications “exclusive” The experience of using computing resources, VPS can be like dedicated server Like reinstalling the operating system, installing programs, and restarting the server alone, VPS provides users with the ability to manage configuration free, which can be used for enterprise virtualization.

2. Scalability: CLOUDWAYS’s virtual host can be expanded according to the needs of users, and resources such as CPU, RAM and storage space can be expanded.

3. Easy to manage: CLOUDWAYS’s virtual host provides an easy-to-use control panel, users can quickly set up and manage their own websites.

4. Multiple hosting options: CLOUDWAYS’ virtual hosting supports Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and other hosts, allowing users to choose a suitable plan according to their needs and budget.

5. Security: CLOUDWAYS’ virtual host provides multiple layers of security protection and encryption to ensure the security of users’ data and websites.

6. Freedom of Choice: Find the flexibility you need with 5 industry-leading cloud hosting providers, infrastructure, and unlimited applications…all without contracts.

7. Optimized performance: Obtain super cloud host performance through top-level technology and optimized stacking, including advanced caching and CloudwaysCDN.

8. Simplicity: Migrate and manage servers and data security with one-click application, and enjoy worry-free cloud hosting.

9. Reliability: CLOUDWAYS’ web hosting provides a hassle-free experience, including security management, automatic backups, 24/7 instant monitoring, and more.

10. 24/7/365 Expert Support: Take advantage of extensive admin support including live chat, SLA-based ticketing system, extensive knowledge base and our helpful community.

11. Free to choose different service providers.

12. Cost-saving and flexible price plan,If it’s hard for you to understand, just imagine,For example, one Japanese Fuji apple sells you for the price of one milk guava .

13. Automatic backup and restore, let you feel more at ease.

14. With optimized performance of WordPress and Magento, with so many advantages, I believe that CLOUDWAYS’ virtual host can definitely meet your needs, and there is also a complete technical support and knowledge base , which is convenient for solving difficult problems in daily use.

15. Guaranteed Success Best Managed Cloud Hosting for WordPress Take the complexity out of cloud hosting and let you scale your website as you want with our managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting Easy to use managed web hosting features including Advanced Caching with Breeze , CLOUDWAYS Cache Simplified, CLOUDWAYS virtual hosting has been integrated with Cloudflare Enterprise Working together for faster performance and increased security, they work together to provide a seamless web hosting experience.

More reasons to choose Cloudways and a comprehensive review of each company from the official website ( https://www.cloudways.com/en/siteground-alternative.php )
Get Dedicated Servers for as low as $11/month[ List point (•) keyboard typing] [ Alt+0149 ]
Cloudways’ lowest price plan gives you 2.5x the storage and dedicated RAM/CPU compared to SiteGround’s cheapest shared hosting.

Prices are hardly different, but we don’t limit your site’s resources.

“Not only did Cloudways pay less than I paid, but it was also much faster.

We went from a site that took 10+ seconds to load to under 2.”

Chris Arndt
10x Cheaper Cloud Hosting

Cloudways’ starter cloud hosting plan costs $11/mo, while SiteGround costs $100/mo.

You can scale your resources tremendously before SiteGround hits the same monthly bill.

“Cloudways pricing is really good, they give you a lot of cheap options to fit anyone’s budget.”

Darrell Neal

Transparent pricing, with Cloudways annually, you pay for what you use and have full control over your bill.

There are no hidden costs or 3x price increases after your “sweet” initial deal.

“I’ve yet to be confused about what’s included, what I can access, or how much it will cost.

The service has been really good.”

Beth Seitzberg
Host unlimited sites on one account

Launch as many websites as you want without compromising on speed – even on our lowest plan.

We don’t limit the number of websites you can host on our server as long as you have the resources available.

“You can get *unlimited* applications, even on the most basic plan, which is great!”

Yanai Reingewitz
Everything you need for your website, right out of the box

Free SSL, Firewall, Monitoring, Backup, Staging, and more.
Businesses that don’t want to complicate server maintenance love the simplicity of launching a new site with Cloudways.

“Cloudways allows me to access servers without having to manage every detail.”

Craig Booker
Higher speed, storage and bandwidth than shared hosting

0.5 second loading speed and almost 100% uptime guarantee.

If your business depends on the performance of your website, choose Cloudways.
SiteGround with Cloudways

With Cloudways, you can choose your preferred cloud network
The information comes from the official website
( https://www.cloudways.com/en/kinsta-alternative.php?ref_id=web_footer )

Cloudways is an alternative to Kinsta that puts you back in control

With Kinsta, you can only host your website on Google Cloud.
Cloudways lets you choose from 3 of the world’s top server providers and over 30 data centers for total performance control.
Not just WordPress

hosts other popular PHP-based applications such as Drupal, Magento, Laravel, and Joomla.
Affordable automatic backups,
The information comes from the official website ( https://www.cloudways.com/en/kinsta-alternative.php?ref_id=web_footer )

With Cloudways you get free hourly backups, whereas Kinsta charges $100 per site per month.

If you need offsite backups, Kinsta starts at $2 per site per month + $1 per GB.

Cloudways gives you offsite backup for $0.033/GB per server, no matter how many sites you host.

“If you want an affordable and easy-to-manage web hosting platform, Cloudways is for you.”

Richard Williams
7 things you can do with Cloudways,
The information comes from the official website
( https://www.cloudways.com/en/alternatives.php?ref_id=web_footer )

Most of our competitors do not offer the following seven features.

Some of them only offer one or two.

No one offers them together.

Cloudways gives you everything, even our lowest plan.

Grow Easily

Get started today for a very low price and easily upgrade your server performance as you grow.


Choose from 3 world-class providers: DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Unlimited sites

One site or a hundred?

all good.

In any plan, start as many sites as necessary.

No shared hosting

Cloudways users get super-fast dedicated servers that won’t compromise your performance.

Go beyond WordPress

to host any PHP-based application such as Drupal, Magento, Laravel, and Joomla.

Transparent Pricing

Cloudways has no hidden fees.

Choose your server and resources, then find out exactly what you’re paying for.

Unparalleled Performance

Only Cloudways offers premium speed and reliability at prices others charge for bloated shared servers.
Both Bluehost and Cloudways offer managed WordPress hosting, but the similarities end there.

Cloudways is a managed cloud service that has partnered with major cloud providers like GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS, and DigitalOcean to give you the benefits of cloud infrastructure without having to manage it yourself.

In its niche,

Cloudways is one of the most valuable acquisitions in the market.

Bluehost has its own infrastructure, a wide range of shared hosting plans, and attractive entry-level prices.


Bluehost does not offer any kind of cloud hosting.

Overall, Cloudways gives you more freedom and support to grow your service.

Bluehost’s shared hosting plans are really cheap, but you’re trading a lot of versatility and performance for the cheap price.

Plus, once your initial term is over, you’ll have unpleasant surprises and you’ll have to deal with Bluehost’s exorbitant renewal fees.

To make a fair comparison between Cloudways and Bluehost, I focused on their managed WordPress plans.

Spoiler alert: Cloudways wins across the board.
Read on to find out why, or

click here to check out Cloudways’ latest deals .

The author has said so much, in short, this is it: The CLOUDWAYS platform is a simple and powerful https://www.cloudways.com/en/?id=1411079 managed hosting platform, which places great emphasis on choice, performance, simplicity and support, and is a reasonable (high CP value) price.

How to subscribe for Taiwanese users, now English translation is very convenient, easy to use without burden

1. Visit CLOUDWAYS official website, click the “Login” button in the upper right corner, enter the registration page and click “Signup” in the lower right corner.

2. Enter the registered user name and password, and click the “START FREE” button to enter the trial process.

3. Select the desired hosting plan and select the region, for example, Taiwan can choose Singapore or Hong Kong in the Asian region.

4. Enter the required quotation details and payment method, CLOUDWAYS supports multiple payment methods such as PayPal, credit card or mobile payment.

5. After confirming that the order information is correct, click the “Place Your Order” button and wait for the CLOUDWAYS host to be opened and configured.

6. Now you can enter the exclusive promotional code of this site 3MTECHX10 Enjoy 10% off for the first 3 months .

7. Still not sure CLOUDWAYS Web Hosting Is it right for you? We’ve made it easy with a free trial, you can sign up without a credit card required , then start poking around to learn how you can spin up a server or WordPress application in just a few clicks, take your website into the cloud , See the difference !

Please tell everyone the good news !

Now you can enter the exclusive promotional code of this site 3MTECHX10 10% discount for the first 3 months (The official website is the original price) ,If it’s hard for you to understand, just imagine, 1 piece Japanese Fuji Apple sell you 1 Milk GuavaIf you are smart, you can save extra time for yourself and your family !

In conclusion

Facing the vast sea of ​​opportunities in the market and not knowing how to make a decision to subscribe to the ideal Virtual Host A reference for your service provider’s readers (you) or business to make a quick decision.

In terms of cost performance (C/P value), each company has its own advantages and disadvantages. If there are some Virtual Host service provider

There are some service providers 1 Japanese Fuji Apple sell you 1 Japanese Fuji Apple price.

There are some service providers 1 Milk Guava sell you 1 Milk Guava price.

but CLOUDWAYS Web Hosting1 piece Japanese Fuji Apple sell you 1 Milk Guava The price of , now you can also use the exclusive promotion code of this site 3MTECHX10 10% discount for the first 3 months (The official website is the original price) ,smart you can putextra time and energyKeep it for yourself and your family !

You can refer to the official website video


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